Statement On Accreditation

MINTS Is a religious college/graduate school offering education programs for preparing people for religious vocation under Florida statute 1005.06.(1)(f). MINTS uses the academic standards and practices required by the main CHEA accrediting organizations and has incorporated them as our educational standards. We have published the standards in our publicly available catalog, and further information is found in the document MINTS Mission Plan.

MINTS is not accredited by US Government (CHEA) recognized accrediting companies, nor can it be as over 51% of our student population is outside the United States. (97% are outside of the United States.)

MINTS maintains its own accreditation. Each of our 550 centers must continue to meet our published academic standards in order to remain in the MINTS global system of education. The centers are reviewed periodically with site visits and records reviews. Each center is responsible for providing the MINTS main office with copies of its records annually. Centers that fail the examination are required to comply or their center and graduates will not be recognized and they will not be able to be a MINTS center.