Affordable, Accessible Theological Education For The World

MINTS is different from any other seminary.

MINTS was established to see the world overwhelmed by the grace of God in gospel of Jesus.

MINTS is a missions organization using higher Christian education to train future leaders, pastors, and Christian workers to reach their own people. This is done by educating and granting degrees to national instructors, equipping them to operate their own study centers, and training them to multiply throughout their sphere of contacts. MINTS provides the curriculum, academic standards (USA), administrative software, and on-site education and training. Each center meeting the requirements is invited to be a part of the world-wide MINTS educational cooperative, freely sharing courses, instructors, and students. There are currently 550 centers in 13 languages.

MINTS does not charge for this as it is our mission. MINTS is solely supported by individuals, foundations, and churches to do this work. Each independent center may charge a locally adjusted tuition to cover their expenses and to save up for launching a new center when they have grown above 20 students. Professors raise their own support as missionaries in order to work with MINTS.
If you would you like to start a MINTS center in your area email MINTS to begin a discussion on how you may be able to form a center.

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MINTS’ mission is made possible by the encouragement and support of like-minded believers who uphold our work through financial support, prayer and active engatement. You can:

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